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Aneros Progasm Jr – Male G-Spot Stimulator

Price: $85.990000 | Brand: Aneros
Polystyrene Hard Plastic is used to make the Aneros Progasm Jr to deliver the firm and complete pleasure from the prostate massager. Total size of 11cm with an insertable size of 8cm. The tip is perfect at only 2cm with an indentation to let you feel comfortable before adding the second curved point in at only 3cm. The handle is not just for ease of use it is also so that you can wear the prostate massager if you prefer and also it’s designed to stimulate the Kundalini Spot which is an acupressure point between the buttocks. Hands Free once the Progasm has been inserted the design of the massager is to let the head and stem hug against the prostate stimulating the erogenous area by providing subtle but exciting pressure on the prostrate. The pressure is controlled by the anal-sphincter and muscle contractions, no need for hands. You can use your hands to masturbate whilst wearing the Progasm to achieve that ultimate orgasm. The Aneros – Progasm Jr will provide internal and external pleasure with its massaging technique inside of the rectum and perianal. Use a lube of your choice to make for the perfect experience. Always wash your Progasm Jr with water and toy cleaner and keep stored for safe keeping. Included is a step-by-step guide for the best results.    Aneros – Progasm Jr – The Original Male G-Spot Stimulator is a supreme prostate massager for any level of P-Spot enjoyment enthusiast and is designed for hands free enjoyment. Solid Plastic Great Size for any User Hands Free

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