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Fetish Fantasy – Beginners Furry Cuffs – Red

Price: $11.990000 | Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series
These beginner cuffs are for couples would like to experiment with gentle, fun restraint in the bedroom. Be it a special occasion, romantic gift or time to liven up the old routine, role playing can help you connect in exciting new ways. These Cuffs are Designed for Beginners. These are metal cuffs with a single chain link and a soft faux fur lining. They are perfect for prisoner/law breaker role playing scenarios while allowing the captive to feel comfortable and sexy. The lining is an exciting red colour and feels sensually soft against the skin. When combined with an eye mask, the feel of the cuff alone is an exciting new sensation. Where you take it from here is limited only by your imagination. The Furry Cuffs have a Quick-Release mechanism on the locking component, should you loose the key or need to release yourself quickly if your romantic interlude is interrupted (cue unexpected visit from the in-laws or nocturnal children). They are One Size Fits Most for a simple change of roles between partners. They are easy to adjust for a snug fit on males and females. If you would like to enhance the role-playing experience, please browse our bondage and gift sections for complementary beginner products. We recommend the use of a soft blindfold to complement the feel of these cuffs and to allow your partner to surprise you with new sensations. You may also enjoy a scented massage oil, arousal gel or seductive costume to create the perfect sensual interlude. If you are interested in something more exciting, please peruse our full range of restraints in the bondage section. Whatever you are seeking, we will have the toys you need to make it happen.Liven up your next date night with these fun first-timer cuffs from Fetish Fantasy. Comfortable and attractive for beginners Metal handcuffs with soft fur lining Quick-release locking component One size fits most

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