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Le Wand – Weighted Silicone Attachment (Ripple)

Price: $59.990000 | Brand: Le Wand
As stated the attachment is made of quality silicone for the smoothest and safest material for personal pleasure. The Ripple has weight in the very tip of the attachment head as well as the shaft. The internal stimulator is in the middle of the shaft for your pleasure. There is a little nub at the base of the attachment for external pleasure. The Ripple attachment is very easily attached to the silicone head of the le Wand and provide a nice and snug fit so that you know it won’t fall off whilst you are in the middle of your fun. The designed shape has your body in mind for a full sense of feeling and wonders. It can be used any way that you please to have the amazing le wands vibrations flowing through your body. Always clean your le wand and attachments after use and store in a cool dry place so that you have many years of enjoyment. Le wand attachments are different to other massage accessories with the unique weight added which is in the design just for you. Please note: Attachment only. Wand sold seperately  le Wand –Ripple Weighted Silicone Attachment If you have already purchased the le wand you already know how fantastic this wand is and now you want to add to it. If you are about to purchase why not get one of the attachments at the same time. Ripple Weighted Silicone Attachment

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