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Nipple Chain

Price: $11.990000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
Increase nipple eroticism with these clamps and sexy purple chain. If you need a helping hand to enhance the sensations in your nipples, nipple chains and clamps are the quickest and easiest way to achieve it. Suited for Users New to Nipple Stimulation, these clamps are so soft they won’t rub or chafe or hurt. It won’t leave any uncomfortable feelings after your erotic session has finished. So you can go about your daily routine wearing any clothes you want as normal. Being Fully Adjustable is a must-have for new comers to nipple eroticism. You can happily start with a comfortable slight pressure. Then as you become more used to the intense feeling and new sensations, you can ramp it up harder harder over time. The Nickel-Free Chain brings out the sexiness of the functionality of using the clamps. Look as good as you feel. As your nipples are pert and highly aroused, your partner will be ready to bounce into action just looking at you. In addition to looking totally sexed up, break your records in the wild passion scores by giving the chain a little yank to reinvigorate the sensations and send you over the edge. This Device is Unisex. Male and female nipples are erogenous zones and either party will equally benefit. No longer will your neglect your nipples during play. They deserve as much attention as all your other erogenous zones.These nipple chains not only look erotic but they also create sensational erotic stimulation. Perfect for beginners Soft rubber coated clamps for comfort Fully adjustable screws for desired pressure Non-nickel aluminium chain Unisex

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