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S-Wet – 10 Speed Vibrating Pleasure Bullet (Gold)

Price: $12.490000 | Brand: S-Wet
A bullet is a must have in every woman’s toy draw.  The S-Wet range are soft and ever so smooth they are pure luxury to hold and to play with.  10 functions of absolute pleasure from a light tantilizing tingle to the OMG climaxing power.  Small and discreet that you can take it anywhere including the shower. Customers Please Note:  The plastic inner lining to this product is not to be removed, if it is removed the product will not work and could short circuit voiding your Femplay Warranty. WARNING WARNING THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS BUTTON BATTERIESIf swallowed, a button battery can cause severe or fatal injuries within 2 hours.Keep batteries out of reach of children.If you think batteries may have been swallowed or placedinside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention N/A

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