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Unisex Anal Douche

Price: $14.950000 | Brand: Seven Creations Sex Toys
The Unisex Anal Douche Kit is a Great Entry-Level Cleansing Device designed for those wanting to venture into the exciting world of anal play. Don’t be wary of the forbidden – give into your lustful desires with this kit. For those where anal play is not new, this kit is still an awesome item to have as it is simplistic and allows for quick use so you can get down to the fun part: fast! This douche kit has been designed with a little something extra in mind: A Glow In The Dark Tip. This makes inserting the tip extra fun and also makes it easy to view if you are in a dimly lit room. Paired with a red bulb – this kit suits both males and females making this a great item to have in anyone’s collection. Slimline, the nozzle of this anal douche is very easy and comfortable to insert. With less than 1cm of width – this douche won’t frighten off the new anal player making a quick tidy up a pleasurable experience. Very Easy to Clean, this anal douche is great for those that want to quickly clean up to get onto the fun of anal play. The nozzle tip of this device comes away from the bulb, allowing you to clean the bulb and tip separately. To clean, wash the bulb under warm running water to rinse it out and let air-dry. For the tip, give this a thorough clean with warm soapy water and then, to keep any nasties at bay, give it a good spray of one of our antibacterial toy cleaners.The anal douche kit is a great beginner’s kit for those wanting to venture into the joys on anal play. Just fill with some lukewarm water to create a carefully spritz – fresh and ready for play. Enjoy! Great for beginners and anal connoisseurs alike Glow in the dark tip for visual ease Comfortable to insert Easy to clean

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